Employment Support

Employability Support is a voluntary programme designed to support people who are not in employment, education, or training but also anyone looking to gain a new job or more hours. We support customers of any age.
You will get:

  • A dedicated caseworker, who will take time to get to know our and to support you through your journey overcoming any barriers you may have which may be preventing you from progressing.
  • The opportunity to build a Circle of Support around you, this may be family and friends, health professionals, housing adviser and other support services who will all work to the same goal.
  • Help with searching and applying for jobs, focusing on jobs that match your skills and abilities. We’ll work with your employer to make sure the workplace is right for you.
  • The opportunity to take part in work experience / work trials.
  • Help to build on your skills and give you the practical tools to help you with your job search such as CVs and interviews!
  • Access to qualifications and Apprenticeships.
  • Access to activities and support services that will help build your confidence, meet new people and gain skills.
  • Tailored one to one holistic development from a designated activity coordinator to work with you to improve your personal and social skills as well as professional employability skills.
  • An experienced employer account manager who will work with employers on your behalf to find the right job opportunity for you.
  • Professional advice and support if you plan to go self-employed.
  • We have dedicated workshops available to support in CV, Interview Skills, Job Search and Cover Letters.

Our Support

And, when you are in work our support does not stop there. We will continue to support you for up to six months after you find work to make sure everything is going well with you and your employer

Contact Us

For more information about our programme get in touch call our number 0121 328 4998 (Saltley) and 0121 454 9133 (Summerfield Community Centre) or email reception@ebcf.org.uk